Business start up services

Business start up services are designed to help you achieve business performance right from the beginning! Our services are tailored in such a way to boost your online visibility and your brand awareness right from the start up phrase without spending to much money. Therefore saving you cost with the offer to the right platform which will guarantee a first place in searches therefore you can generate more leads from these searches.

Our system is unique and you would not find somewhere else.

Most of the designers will rip you off because they do not have the secret to which the internet really works. Our system is so unique that when we combine intelligent graphics and a mix system of marketing  and e-marketing a bubble happens.

Other start-up businesses have already signed up on our little secret. Please check our portfolio for examples of work.

How our Business start up services work?

Simple! We take your product or service, add a bit magic, turn the internet engines to it, we point to other people that the product is here and after we achieve that, we deliver it to you, in a seamless and hassle free way, which you’ll love it, your customers will know it and your sales will grow it.

  • E-Commerce
  • £1249
  • A platform for online retail
  • Visual concept
  • SEO Website
  • SEO Products


Lets get started!

Business start up services are tailored for the start of nano, micro and SME’s, or to re-branding existing companies. Our business start up services will guarantee positions within first searches/pages on search engines within 2-3 months on selected keywords.

How do you actually achieve that?

We create a brand and online marketing audit before we plan anything else. This audit will give us sufficient information. After we plan the following:

  1.  Target – setting up precise target to reach your objectives
  2. Position – setting your location of the objective
  3. Proposition – A mix of marketing strategy
  4. Brand strategy – How should you present the brand
  5. Content and engagement strategy.
  6. Acquisition communications strategy
  7. Conversion strategy
  8. Retention communications strategy
  9.  Data strategy
  10. Multichannel integration strategy

Order now and get the secret to your business.