Tech startups should be the driver of the economy, but while such tech startups are working hard to get their job known on the market, only few of them get to achieve that efficiently, while others get overwhelmed by the competition.

Tech startups in the process of making such a business scaleable?

The market at the moment is stagnating in terms of innovation. People of the world have a new tendency after the bubble of the social network, now every business wants its part in scaling such social bubble. Well this is the result of the increased work patterns which increased the stress in our communities. What does this mean?

Facing greater stress on the amounts time we spend on computers and the need to live in packs, as the human nature of us, has resulted in transferring such behaviors into digital social groups and as we have seen with the Facebook’s introduction of groups their share of the market grew even bigger.

tech-startupsGroups play an important part in our lives, because here is where the magic happens. All the brain storm and the ideas put forward are in fact the drivers of innovation. However groups have been on the market since the introduction of the world wide web, but have not been developed as the key driver of innovation and tech companies used groups just for the sake of names.

Recently Yahoo Inc, the inventor of social network together with Merrisa Meyer had the idea to make the groups more attractive. But again they are missing the point here. Groups should be drivers and wisely used as a tool for driving innovation further. Some hubs are achieving this as the GitHub for software developers and for sure you know others as well.

What do we need? Tech startups should focus in nurturing the gap between communities, ideas and work, to achieve innovation.

This should be very specific and should focus on developing innovation groups and hubs. But while such innovation groups or hubs are very expensive to sustain, because ideas play an important role for the businesses and it is a key asset to any business, we have developed this tech hub, specially for you to learn new ideas on how you can scale your tech start up.

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