Start up design is not something that you do over night and you expect unimaginable results the next day. Start up design is something that needs planning, prototyping and testing. But where is the right market for doing this?

Well, without having too much words on it, USA is the leading tech environment and with more companies in US any start up will find its way easier to the top, because the tracks are there already. We all know that start up design is about connections and while US is having the biggest connections in the tech environment any start up design entrepreneur will find this the handy environment.

What is the key to making the US a good environment for starting up?Start-up-design

  • The biggest tech companies in the human history means more money than any other nation from tech environment
  • The biggest social networks means that connections are more meaningful and accessible
  • The biggest private data holders like Google Inc.
  • English speaking language
  • 273 million people browsing the internet as active users
  • Users spend on average 3 hours on the internet looking for interesting stuff
  • The biggest and most innovative tech hubs in the world like Silicon Valley
  • 360 million people in the world have English as their native language

Of course this also mean a passive business model from countries like United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other small ones which speak English as their first language. I got that, but how do I make the right choice for my start up design?

Our research shows that best for start up design companies is to start from an English speaking language because is also the biggest and most used language in the world, bringing passive business from other non native languages.

America is a huge internet consumer with more than 50 percent of households reported accessing the Internet.  A detailed report from the American Census Bureau you can find here.

Although China might be the world leader in language, Brazil and India does not sit too far from that.

If you wish to take your start up design to the next level, contact us to see how we can help you achieve greatness.