Branding Websites for start up business is not always to easiest case. Of course, when branding websites for companies which want to make themselves visible to the very large public on the internet, these companies need a professional design. But how create such branding that gives you success when you are dealing with world wide web.

branding-websitesBranding Websites – The cure to success

A website becomes successful when the message of that website is simple and it creates a ‘memento’ or a memory which is worth remembering. But how this really works?

There are certain NLP techniques which you can use in branding websites and that is the concept of anchoring. Those who do not know, the NLP stand for neuro-linguistic programming. This technique is used in direct sales because it is easier to connect with the person in front of you, due to the rapid interaction between body language and early communication signals, between the sale person and the customer.

How do we transfer the anchoring process into a branding effect?

Designers call this emotional personification, but while such emotional attachments can work effectively only on certain products or service, in some cases the effectiveness of such campaigns remain with the impact on the campaign and not on the product.

The secret to anchor a product requires a simple Q&A.

Yes, is that simple to branding websites using this technique, that every designer uses, without actually knowing the science behind their cognition. But while such Q&A repeat themselves quite often, if we look at the world innovators, these count for the 1% of the total population. Why is this? Because their brain turn computation quicker, which means that they are able to resolve such brain computations quicker.

Let’s look at some data. About 82 percent of the population over 15 years of age are literate, That still means that there are about 785 million illiterate adults scattered around planet earth. But while such 82 percent of the population study pretty much from the same books, read the same papers, watch the same movies and so on.

However, these 1%, which are also the world greatest innovators and entrepreneurs think different, because they also go to same school and read the same books, but also they do one thing differently. They anchor in Q&A to find solutions. You see, when you repeat this process enough, you become so good at it, that you innovate. Best innovators know to put the right questions, to get the right answers.

Why do a simple Q&A can help branding websites?

Once you know the answer to a particular question, which was so much repeated in people’s heads (because we all ask some of other’s questions, because the other person also studied what we have studied), it means that you have an innovation and you should take it forward and brand a website, or a company, or create just a brand.

Of course this topic goes much deeper, but we don’t like to speak about things without doing our research. We also recommend you to read more about the NLP practices and go to courses and understand how the process work.

Another good tip is to study the science of cognition to see how the brain works and what levels can this be used to pursue things forward.

Here is our list for taking this process forward.

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