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How to get starting your own business UK


Starting your own business in UK is just easy – either it is the takeaway for sale, or some startup. UK has one of the most competitive start up market in the world and with probably the fastest growing tech hub in Europe, which you can find it in East London, Old Street. Here your idea can get the exposure it needs, right from the beginning with the benefit of having the largest English speaking market at your fingertip.

As you probably know, starting your own business in UK is a process that needs clarification before you even consider it to execute it into action. Starting your own business in UK also needs to consider ways in which your idea can be marketed, how to get access to capital and how to sell your product and how to fit in this young start up market.

First thing that you should do is to find out how to register your company with Companies House
Find the right scheme for your business to get started and the help that UKTI can provide
Get legalized and seek legal advice from any small business registered with FSB
Seek advice for Intellectual Property Office to protect your ideas

Once you get registered with these, you will find yourself more connections on the go and you can work your business up the ladder. It is also important that you network and you make as many business connections as you can.

Also before you start you need to get your branding strategy done – here is our offer for you :

Get Business cards design (£140 for 1000 400gsm luxury Matt lamination 2 sides) and make connections.
Get Website design (personalized for Startup businesses 30% discount minimum charge is £349+vat for a landing page)
Get SEO ready, so that you can monetize your business through online reach

Now, if you feel confident in your business, it is worthwhile to starting your own business UK . If you feel that this information is not enough and you seek a consultant that can work with you to get your business started in UK, please contact us.

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4 information websites for small business graphics


Small business graphics can be very difficult to find. When you are rushing through your diary to get things done quickly, small business graphics websites isn’t a quick decision that you make? It’s fine, here we’ve tailored the most inspiring websites for small business graphics that you can get inspiration from your projects and even free assets that you can use in your projects freely.

Small business graphics for your start-up business

Smashing Magazine is an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers, with a focus on useful techniques, best practices and valuable information to help you build better small business graphics for your start-up company or for one of your clients. It is also useful to increase your design knowledge .

tuts+ offers design tutorials to design enthusiasts as well as other tutorials and ready made packages to be used in your personal projects. Tuts+ has a huge library of tutorials which can benefit you by gaining online skills to create better small business graphics for new projects that you might have in mind. With tuts+ skills you can become a professional overnight.

Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries. Behance connects designers across many parts of the world which deliver small business graphics and which want to showcase their work. Small business graphics designers also publish some of their creative assets and you can get free fonts and other cool vectors.

Envato is an ecosystem of sites to help you get creative. From our world-leading digital marketplaces where you can buy images, templates, project files and creative assets, to our education network of tutorials and courses where you can learn new skills and crafts, our sites and services help millions of people around the world for creating better small business graphics.


These are just couple of websites which we can recommend you, however we do recommend you to work with our business design incubator which will teach you much more and get your business ahead of your competitors with sprint precision or contact us for a small business graphics package.

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4 ways to start a small business with no money at all

ways to start a small business

I will share with you 4 ways to start a small business with literally no money at all based on the experience which I had with clients that wanted to pursue the career to being a business and to fund it with no money at all.

1. Get creative

Creative people have special abilities to convert thoughts into mechanized systems that improve the way other people use and consume space. Creative people also passively create beautiful ways to start a small business from home by indulging others to connect their thoughts into the ‘inner state of their mind’ as which as any artist will agree, is the state of mind when one creates for the sake of art itself and the value of which is increased over the years when others become interested  to tap into that particular state of mind, which, only an artist knows the secret to create it and, it is very particular to the style and, the background of the artist.

2. Be inspirational

Words are powerful but what converts words into power is the attitude towards which we express the inner passion. The inner passion gets converted into a rhythm which only a true and yet professional actor can create a copy of it. To be inspirational increases the ways to start a small business from home, because the home is the place where people will follow. If that is the case, other people will follow too. Be savvy, pro-active and have manners with positive thoughts as other people often react on their instincts based on the image they subconsciously read – therefore act professional, as others might know your energy.

3. Follow others

Do something will people will follow you for the good or for the bad, there is always someone to rise your actions in question. Follow others and others will follow you, because human being has a very special character and rarely allows oneself to be alone in creating ways to start a small business. Human being is pack ‘animal’ which enjoys very much being with others for the sake of playing the rule which always transforms the play into a competition.

4. Do good at selling

A basic rule of commerce is that one cannot buy if the other cannot sell himself. So, how to create better experiences for your customers which will increase your selling and double the ways to start a small business? Well, there are few factors which a sales person adopts for this in a mirage of skills and creativity, a sales person is good at cloaking, dressing, copying and last but not least, he is very good at putting these skills together through communication. A magician how others like to be called, which we all respect their charm and availability of thoughts.

Now, that you know our secrets, lets put your idea on a map and start a company with only £349 + VAT!

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2 tips to starting a business with Low start up Costs


Low start up Costs, just to get your idea running, not just walking

You’ve probably wonder where in the world you can find the most comfortable environment for the incorporation of a new company which can put your idea on a map. Well, we’ve looked to find the cheapest fares to incorporating a company and we’ve found that the UK has the most attractive market in terms of support and fees. So, how can you get started?

1. Business low start up costs for Scale

To reach global means scale and to achieve the scale of your business to a level where you can connect globally takes a lot of physical connections in terms of links and referrals. Your idea might be a great idea, but on terms of reach, might not be that great as no one can now where in the world you are and what you do.

To get your idea up and running but also to keep your start up costs to a minimum we recommend you to incorporate a company in UK and start to link through the internet, as most of the businesses are based online, future needs will be online too.

2. Business low start up costs and create disruptive products

To reach global also means innovation and not just whatever innovation. Innovation in a technological world means to create something outstanding for which the common becomes new. To innovate also means to change the order in which the simplicity overcomes commodity in a way that the need moves to location and the acquisition remains in power.

Starting a business with low start up costs that works isn’t easy nor rocket science. Documentation about your particular market is the key and if you understand it, you also now how to play it. To win the game you just have to be creative. Create your world and become successful with our start up business resources.


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3 tips to getting a New business StartUp in UK


New business StartUp tips to web sprint your idea

1. Company formation for new business StartIp

New business startUp begins with a company formation which you can easily start online if you have an UK registered address if you are an EEA national (for other nationals you require a visa, please check with Companies House for more details on this). The price varies, but to get a new business startup will generally cost you around £17 to put the documents forward and to get your business started within 24 hours since you made your application.

2. Legal Documentation for new business StartUp

To protect, yet to quantify you need legal protection and in most cases the business cannot be done without the necessary documentation and in order to get a new business StartUp you need to get these documents in your business. The usual price varies and can be costly but numerous StartUp companies have disrupted the legal fees and made available the price of the documentation between £150 and £200 a month.

3. Audit and investment for new business StartUp

For a new business StartUp can be very difficult when you are in a pre-startup or startup stage therefore the way for a new business to get noticed and to to valued is mainly through its idea or through its online reach. Now, the internet also provides a lot of ways to fund your idea without the need for an audit, at least not in the StartUp stage.


Here at we have dedicated our time in finding the best solutions to boost your new business startup and when it comes to the UK we know the tracks to put you right on the map.

It is worthwhile to contact us and see exactly how we can help you.

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Start Up mission – Website design branding package for business

 A start Up mission – Website acquisition and the design branding package experience behind every SME .



We live certain times of change which, in most cases are assimilated with disruptions of space and these disruption start from a small idea which has marketed itself through a website design branding package. An idea which A question every SME faces when is trying to address their products to the market often ends up with ‘how do I get the message in front of the customers at a cost which I can afford?’

Often, we believe in magic and our solutions are wise and can draw lines in front of your competition. We achieve this by merging their strategy and by improving a  new set of applications to focus in crossing needs and availability. The product is different and fresh, like the products which you often buy from the market, you look for the one which is most vibrant, crisp and it gives the feeling of unique. A feeling which we often regard as personal, because feeling unique is feeling who we actually are.

Although, knowing how you feel meas also knowing who you are, in that sense, we’ve developed a special relationship within the market and we’ve created an unique, yet fully embedded website design branding package for you, to start a business. Now you might have started already and failed, of course a good lesson to learn and a new strategy to move forward.

It is worthwhile to contact us. We can grow your business.

Contact us for more details by accessing our packages from our homepage

A research done by Bunnyfoot clicked on google Ads without knowing that the searches are paid for and only 19% of them continued scrolling to the bottom of the page. This, for business owners, good news. Google can put you right at the top of the searches. If you sign up with us, we will give you £75 voucher on £25 spent, one voucher only per website design branding package.

40% of customers unaware of google ads

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How to grow a business from home successfully

how to grow a business

How to grow a business from home in the super secret business world?

When I was researching the prototype for the Phenotype division 7 back in the university days, I found an interesting way but also practical which explained the growth of algae in mathematical therms. For those who are now familiar with Lindenmayer, he created an analog pattern to which the growth of plans can evolve from the mix of two actions A and B.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will explain  the concept of action and behavior which can be controlled to achieve amazing results for the benefit of growing a business, in the organic way.

1. Action and behavior

To start a business you need a business plan (the action) which is applied to the need of other people (behavior) to achieve sales, insights or innovation (rules). Most of the times the action (A) is set to control the behavior (B), but also the rules (A->AB). In other terms, if you do not set the rules of the plan, the A is not possible (B -> A).

2. The organic approach

Now, to develop a business you need an initial idea to start with and this can be anything. This idea is the INITIATOR of your dreams. This produces the following pattern when you decide to start a business.

  • First step : A
  • Second step : AB
  • 3rd step : ABA
  • 4th step : ABAA
  • 5th step: ABAABABA
  • 6th step : ABAABABAABAA
  • and so on….


In other words, the action and the behavior of your business plan can define the shape of your business right from the beginning. As we can see from the table above, the force of action is greater than the force of behavior. If we think that in our business plan counts for 50-50, in real life it counts for 67% the action and 33% the behavior.

The secret to growing a business successfully therefore resides in knowing when the business is saturated. When the action gets closer to the behavior, the system of the business gets in a trance of stability which neglects the innovation and development of other products and services. One product can be easily outdated by a competitor, therefore, by using this system you can boost your product development.

It is important to measure your performance in terms of organic  growth, because every organism has a limited energy in relation to its actions and behaviors and a business is just the same.

If you would like more information in regards to measuring your business organically please do contact us. We are more than able to help you and your business succeed.

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Green Graphic – Consciously crafted artworks


Green graphic and the world is stepping into the biggest transformation which has ever been encountered on this planet. All the things which were produced need to be re designed. Pretty tough job – of course it will happen on long run to complete the whole cycle. However,  the research done at OpenLab shows that the full green cycle can only be completed once other cycles are completed. This is important because it has effect on the methodology used to design for green.

Green Graphic – The new green era; consciously crafted design change

In 2010, a research done by Chris Cox from the Design Council, showed that 41% of the designers in UK think about reducing in the energy used to produce the graphics and 29% have been trying to increase the lifespan of the materials used for production. On the full picture, this is just a fraction of the change needed to complete the cycle of green graphic production. Therefore, the green graphic designers need to be more specific and as Chris Cox discovered, designers do not think they can sell green graphic consultancy. Why? Because green is a very fragile subject and this scares most of them, other see it too complex to present it to clients, or other see it as an extra process when this should be communicated to clients and this counts for 16% of the designers.

Clients need to understand, that green graphic is the change which will benefit on the long run, the kids of our children. Consciously means, thousands of layers of amplification and audit to make sure that what is spent, is also spent consciously.

As a start up company with green in mind, you need to look on this changes:

  1. Paper for Printing used for your day to day printings, should come from a responsible sustainable source or recycled paper. Usually FSC provides such paper, or other third party with the FSC logo attached, we suggest to use Recycled Bright White Paper FSC A4 80gsm
  2. Paper of Business Cards used for your business cards prints, should also come from a responsible sustainable source or recycled paper with the FSC logo. We suggest to use 400gsm matte, for your prints because the card is thicker and lasts longer and the feel and energy is greener
  3. Office Power this can be very hard to achieve, but we suggest contact us to present you the UltraMobile turbine specially designed for the office use, which can be used remotely.

If these points are met, a true green company has just opened its doors using the best green graphic techniques. As a studio we provide green design consultancy and audit to help you save you and your company.

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Green Graphics – 100% Sustainable Start-up design


Green Graphics – Power from within

The pathway to a sustainable future has to come from designers, although this change has not been much emphasized in the current world trend. From our research we have seen that there are 55,310 undergraduates design students and an estimated number of 232 thousands of designers in UK, published by the Design Council. But how many of them actually look at creating green graphics?

UK has set to lower the carbon footprint and by 2030 we will see many companies embracing green strategies for their business, including green graphics.

80% of the green methodology to turn a company into a green conscious framework is found at the concept stage and it’s 100% to the designer to tell the client how this green framework can create a greener company through green graphics.

The next step to sustainable futures for green graphics and products

A company in the future might look just like a natural ecological system, but purely relying on technology to achieve a sustainable future. Of course this looks very systematic in our current trend, but in the future it might be the system which can save the planet.

When we think about the future and the actions we should take now, we find that most of our future products are already here, but because they have been developed for different tasks. This is also why the designers cannot communicate the need for greener products and services to their clients effectively, because they have to browse so many tasks, which makes the design sometimes more expensive than the regular one. We all want better prices, but how to achieve that?

With the release of OpenLab we started researching the green products, technology and ecosystems and we have developed the most advanced home on the planet at the moment, but while this is not enough, we think that the systems discovered within our home design can be applied successfully to a company design too, especially when branding or creating green graphics.

Most of designers fail because they lack experience in the supply chain. The production of green graphics should start from within and that means with the power used to design such services. Here we have chosen to transform our infrastructure into 100% green design company and we have acquired the power for our servers from renewable energy sources. Now that we have the power, we can deliver to green graphics using renewable energy and recycled paper, so you can have your thoughts clear that saving the planet is within you.

If you would like more information about how you can make your company green, please contact us.



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Branding Websites

Branding Websites for start up business is not always to easiest case. Of course, when branding websites for companies which want to make themselves visible to the very large public on the internet, these companies need a professional design. But how create such branding that gives you success when you are dealing with world wide web.

branding-websitesBranding Websites – The cure to success

A website becomes successful when the message of that website is simple and it creates a ‘memento’ or a memory which is worth remembering. But how this really works?

There are certain NLP techniques which you can use in branding websites and that is the concept of anchoring. Those who do not know, the NLP stand for neuro-linguistic programming. This technique is used in direct sales because it is easier to connect with the person in front of you, due to the rapid interaction between body language and early communication signals, between the sale person and the customer.

How do we transfer the anchoring process into a branding effect?

Designers call this emotional personification, but while such emotional attachments can work effectively only on certain products or service, in some cases the effectiveness of such campaigns remain with the impact on the campaign and not on the product.

The secret to anchor a product requires a simple Q&A.

Yes, is that simple to branding websites using this technique, that every designer uses, without actually knowing the science behind their cognition. But while such Q&A repeat themselves quite often, if we look at the world innovators, these count for the 1% of the total population. Why is this? Because their brain turn computation quicker, which means that they are able to resolve such brain computations quicker.

Let’s look at some data. About 82 percent of the population over 15 years of age are literate, That still means that there are about 785 million illiterate adults scattered around planet earth. But while such 82 percent of the population study pretty much from the same books, read the same papers, watch the same movies and so on.

However, these 1%, which are also the world greatest innovators and entrepreneurs think different, because they also go to same school and read the same books, but also they do one thing differently. They anchor in Q&A to find solutions. You see, when you repeat this process enough, you become so good at it, that you innovate. Best innovators know to put the right questions, to get the right answers.

Why do a simple Q&A can help branding websites?

Once you know the answer to a particular question, which was so much repeated in people’s heads (because we all ask some of other’s questions, because the other person also studied what we have studied), it means that you have an innovation and you should take it forward and brand a website, or a company, or create just a brand.

Of course this topic goes much deeper, but we don’t like to speak about things without doing our research. We also recommend you to read more about the NLP practices and go to courses and understand how the process work.

Another good tip is to study the science of cognition to see how the brain works and what levels can this be used to pursue things forward.

Here is our list for taking this process forward.

Cognitive Science Society


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