Starting a business in London

Starting a business in London has never been easier in legal terms, because the UK government is investing almost 50 million pounds in supporting businesses to develop tech products within City of London. What does this actually means?

For example, if you are a company outside UK in a country where the legislation gives you headache, London might be the just the perfect change for you. London has a good proven record of sustainable laws and and transparent legislation which gives you the freedom to focus on your business. London has more firms than any other county and it counts for 22.2% of the UK GDP generated from more than 800,000 companies. Sure you might also think that the competition is higher, but in terms of business this might be the catalyst which your business needs, especially if you are in the services industry. Starting a business in London might also give you the freedom to choose from many backgrounds, because it’s the hub for the most creative arts and as we all know British art is well renown for its quality all over the world from engineering to manufacturing and finance. Creative right?

Starting a business in London is also giving you the opportunity to choose from fresh talented graduates in computer science from top universities in the world like UCL. Sounds just about right yeah?

Starting a business in London – The common tricks

Best and most use technique to start a company and here I am referring to companies starting a business in London for the first time. The best is to go through an accountant if you prefer to save some money. Otherwise if you prefer the straight and secure way, you should use a law firm, but at a higher cost.

The in house design for your start-up it is not recommended and here you should see a specialist, because in London the competition is at it’s peak and every details counts. Please contact us, to see how we can help you.

There are many companies specializing in renting offices and virtual offices and you can start renting or part renting for a minimum a week time, or if you prefer to work from home should join others because 1 in 8 people work from home.

Most of the services are on line and you can plan to starting a business from your own comfort to check for available names and spaces.

However, starting a business in London it is not the most competitive in the world and in a subsequent chapter we will give you the details about Singapore and exotic land with great support for business.

Please also find an info graphic about starting a business in London to share it with your friends in the business.