Digital Agency Business Plan is not something that comes to create a start-up specializing in the production of digital content. Therefore the secret to launching an ultra-successful Digital Agency Business Plan is to look in depth at your market movers, competition and products and services related to your digital content.

Here you will learn how to set up a sustainable Digital Agency Business Plan by using some elements from the business plan which set up ICDS Arch LTD back in 2007. Technology has changed, but the way of doing business stayed the same.

Here is our example how you can write your Digital Agency Business Plan.

Executive Summary

  • Company Summary : My Company is a start-up company with the aim to deliver innovative solutions to a wide range of clients in my area and around the world which are in need for an alternative approach to design which is more affordable and beautiful. My Company stands on the market to provide a firm and creative response to the clients based on in-depth research from our analysts in the market to provide real data when dealing with the needs of our clients. My Company thrives to create solutions that are visually harmonious and an expression of the personalities of our customers. We ensure that we understand our clients’ needs, so that each design is a true reflection of our client identiy. Within this framework we bring to bear our expertise in research, design and publicity.
  • Products and Services Summary : My Company aims to provide services of design to the limits of technology. This approach will offer optimal efficiency to the firm and superior value, design processes and construction methods to the client.
  • Market Summary : Our customers are mainly business owners. We target companies which have an already established connection with the consumers such as developers and entrepreneurs, which include start-up companies and freelancers. A detail approach can be found in Strategy and Implementation Chapter – Marketing Plan – Overview .
  • Financial Summary : The strategy in keeping this business with a healthy cash flow is simple. We take a slow and steady approach to the market. To do this we set up a minimum of 50% gross margin from our products and services. 30% of the profits to go direct into R&D services for building the prototypes, and 70% to stay as active cash in the company. Target for year 20__ is to achieve sales greater than $___ from commercial design, design for website, design for print, design for identity and
    design for mobile, seo and consultancy. In the year of 20__ the full team is assembled and the target is to achieve sales greater than $___ commercial design, design for website, design for print, design for identity, design for mobile, design for film and 3D, applications and games. Target for 20__ is to achieve sales greater than $___(increase year by year) design for website, design for print, design for identity, design for mobile, design for film and 3D, green house, applications and games(+other products which you sell). After the business gets solid in its intentions and reaches a market share design of 0.5% will consider IPO.


  • Company Overview : My Company has been on the web for ___ years researching and prototyping advanced design units. Also some research has been done in prototyping other applications and digital services. Gathering the eyes of the people which started to like what we do, we started to put this into a business model, and therefore we are moving forward. My Company is formed on the back of many years’ combined experience in a wide range of industries, from construction, design and advertising to corporate management within blue chip organisations. It is led by My Name and open to cooperation from experts with experience in media and web programming. SIC codes under standards : _________
  •  Management Team : Insert here your team details with their CV

Products and Services

  • Products and Services : Design for web : website design, blog design, search engine optimization, WordPress design, Joomla design. Design for print : business card design, leaflet design, catalog design Design for identity : logo design, literature, stationary Design for mobile : application design Design for advertising
  • Competitors : As a creative environment we have many competitors in mind. Our main competitors are well established companies such as:
  1. Competitor 1 – Lay here details about them (when they get up, what they eat, where they eat, who they eat with  and so on)
  2. Competitor 2 – you should have at least 2 competitors


We will continue to give you a full Digital Agency Business Plan in subsequent chapters. Please read the Target Market and other posts for a complete version.