Programmatic strategy in media marketing and planning

Thanks for the latest software extension in media planning, as a buyer, it is now safer for you to address your product and services to tailored market segments within every niche that you operate to a level which is close to a  family know how. As we all know, the family is the place where all traits and personalities of the members are known. Now, with so much data and social profiles, we worked close with advertisers to minimize cost and increase business conversions.

1. Before you start a media marketing and planning strategy, you need to think of a budget that you want to allocate for a particular market. The budget can be researched with google adwords and facebook ads to see the price of the market you want to operate in.

2. When you know the market you have the easy option to work with google and bing (first time advertisers, get £75 Google Adwords voucher +£50  Bing Ads voucher =  kick start with £125 ad budget topped on your budget when they sign up with for media planning ). The other option si to work with to deliver ads in a programmatic cycle that will increase the chances of getting the right target to your ads.

3. Media marketing and planning with Google Ads and Bing Ads on you own, you do not have the tools to plan you ads to the postcode level based on personality traits, internet usage and mood. We analyse close the patterns and we can predict a person buying mood with predictive software that maximizes your chances to have a positive ROI.

4. Have the right metrics before you start any media marketing and planning strategy for your product or service. Having the right information where to deliver your product, is important as it minimizes the risk of delivering packages to underpopulated locations. Imagine that an aid airplane is about to drop its parcels to a place where there is no people. Imagine that when the aid hits the ground, it is more expensive to drive it to the right location. Advertising is no different.

Now, if you have a great idea or service which is worth telling to the world, please do not hesitate to contact us back for 30 min one to one session with one of our senior business consultant to see how we can increase your ROI.

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