branding and marketing strategy

Branding and marketing strategy – The handshakes with your customers.

Branding it’s about shouting as loud as you can! – and guess what? The melody, the rhythm and the vibration in the voice which shouts the message needs to have the right tempo, the right rhythm and the right level of sound so that isn’t disturbing.

To craft such message, it requires research and planning so that it indulges the senses of customers through personalized and predictive modelling.

1. Do your research, create new or unique branding proposition.

The research is the main point of any branding and marketing strategy. The research is the first stage of any business and it leads to the definition of culture and the level of analytics in that culture. When these two stages are defined in branding and marketing strategy, the next step is to look at semiotics in an audience.  The main question to ask is how a symbol can define the service or the product. Big brands use symbols because the message it is easier to remember.

When the symbol is defined, the next step in your branding and marketing strategy is to apply creativity and create a story which embeds the symbol with the audience. This should be crafted based on age group and buying power.

The next step in your branding and marketing strategy is to search for competitors on the World Wide Web to discover any possible competition and the level of customer engagement for brands which you think are relevant to your brand, according to the One Thing Marketing.

Once you have defined the creative strategy for your branding and marketing, it is time to place your branding proposition into a culture. Here, the patterns will dictate the colors customers like, the mood, the feeling, the approach, the quality and many other patters which you have to quantity through your branding.

2. Create witty value proposition which triggers emotion, needs, or traits.

When creating value propositions you have to understand the culture and the language. Value proposition in one country does not make sense in another, if it is not tailored to the customer behavior in which the value proposition is proposed.

Once the value proposition is defined, the personality type is important to defining your market segments and buyer mood, when it gets in contact with your branding and marketing strategy.

Once you have defined these stages, you should have a valid branding proposition with the right audience in the right segment and with the right attitude.

As example you can find attached bellow the value proposition –

we create, deliver and inspire the business of newly incorporated businesses


3. Define the impact of your branding marketing strategy

A good way to look at how effective can be your branding in a market niche, is to research through testing. If you just started, there isn’t much data about how your company behaved or how your brand works in the market, therefore, to build data around your brand you need testing. Testing is to define your marketing spending budget. Testing still gets your brand out there … but it’s about building the right confidence.

If you’d like us to do the testing for you in a predictive modelling, please refer to Programmatic strategy in media and marketing planning and we will help you to increase your ROI realistically.

Now, if you’d like us to work with you to deliver the right branding proposition for your business or service, it is worthwhile to get in contact with us.