Let’s look a bit at how other companies drive brand awareness through intelligent use of marketing and market themselves higher compared to other competitors because they really understand how to touch people on emotion.
Now we are going to understand how to create our own methodology or strategy to get that brand awareness out in the market.

A recent marketing campaign of a well known brand has started a campaign which inspired others to share a drink with some others. The public found it really interesting because they could find a reference in their friends which generated great interest. What the public doesn’t know what is to come will change how the perceive the brand of Coca Cola.

‘Share a coke with someone’ is pre-marketing campaign for the spilt-bottled coke which you are meant to share with someone, or if you cannot drink it all, you can save it for later.

How did Coke took on emotion to build a strong awareness of their product?

  • ‘Life is sharing’ and as humans being, we love caring while sharing with someone all of our life
  • We pride ourselves in great links with our friends and we become emphatic to them which mean that everything that happens to them we also feel this in us.
  • Using common names, we all find a reference in our friends and while this is happening it’s great to see your friend’s name inscribed on a bottle label
  • Using technology to create a viral brand resolution, it certainly succeeded.


Now, that we know at least few things on their strategy, it would be great to drive brand awareness through intelligent use of marketing and increase our sales.

What do I need to create such awareness that Coke did?

  • A great story about sharing
  • A full list of friends names
  • A facebook account
  • A camera phone

and than you can start to drive brand awareness through intelligent use of marketing.