Starting a business in London

Starting a business in London – Market Overview

Starting a business in London has never been easier in legal terms, because the UK government is investing almost 50 million pounds in supporting businesses to develop tech products within City of London. What does this actually means? For example, if you are a company outside UK in a country where the legislation gives you […]


Small business web development services for website

Small business web development services for website is a secret A secret to which the growth of a company depends, resides in its ability to convert needs into products, but living on a digital age, such needs impose only when the sense of creativity and discovery, the new and the witty create the state of emotion […]


Film – Visual Art Medium for your business

Film – Visual Art Medium for your business. There might be a lot of controversy about static and motion ads, however trends are indicating that a new type of visual medium is rising and that is the short film. The need in interactivity from website designers has also pushed the trend to be incorporated into […]

pr campaign

Get your PR campaign up and running before your product release

PR campaign tips for developing effective releases. Marketing can be the only tool which you need to build a brand, however no marketing is visible if the product is missing stickiness to it’s users or consumers. But how do you find the right tools to measure the impact of your product before you start spending […]


Start Up mission – Website design branding package for business

 A start Up mission – Website acquisition and the design branding package experience behind every SME .   We live certain times of change which, in most cases are assimilated with disruptions of space and these disruption start from a small idea which has marketed itself through a website design branding package. An idea which […]

how to grow a business

How to grow a business from home successfully

How to grow a business from home in the super secret business world? When I was researching the prototype for the Phenotype division 7 back in the university days, I found an interesting way but also practical which explained the growth of algae in mathematical therms. For those who are now familiar with Lindenmayer, he […]


Marketing Analysis – How to gain sales momentum

After I ran a  marketing campaign for one of my clients, I decided that this is a good story to tell and a very valuable lesson to teach new business owners because it shows clearly how can one decision create such an impact either good or bad, that it can affect your sales in the […]


Green Graphic – Consciously crafted artworks

Green graphic and the world is stepping into the biggest transformation which has ever been encountered on this planet. All the things which were produced need to be re designed. Pretty tough job – of course it will happen on long run to complete the whole cycle. However,  the research done at OpenLab shows that […]


Green Graphics – 100% Sustainable Start-up design

Green Graphics – Power from within The pathway to a sustainable future has to come from designers, although this change has not been much emphasized in the current world trend. From our research we have seen that there are 55,310 undergraduates design students and an estimated number of 232 thousands of designers in UK, published […]


Branding Websites

Branding Websites for start up business is not always to easiest case. Of course, when branding websites for companies which want to make themselves visible to the very large public on the internet, these companies need a professional design. But how create such branding that gives you success when you are dealing with world wide […]


Tech Start Up – How to scale the business fast

Tech Start up your idea, no matter what that idea might be you have to transform it into a business combined with telemetry or the highly automated communications which collect and implement data into different variables. The power of telemetry can transform anything from the manufacturing to the admin and sales. But how this really […]