Perfect Melatonin Regulation

If you have insomnia, then you better do some exercise because they’re more effective than most drugs. When you do exercise, it will reduce your time to fall asleep up to 55 percent, anxiety by 15 percent, and total night awake by 30 percent. With a regular exercise, you can have an increased total sleep time by 18 percent.

Don’t perform your regular exercises some hours before bedtime because it can make you have difficulties to fall asleep. Exercise can increase alertness and secretion of hormones like adrenaline or epinephrine. But practice depends on the individual.

Avoid nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol

You need to avoid caffeine which is found in chocolate, tea, cola, coffee, and some pain relievers. You can avoid these substances for about four to six hours before you go to your bed. If you’re a smoker, then you need to refrain from those tobacco products some minute to bedtime. Keep in mind that alcohol can encourage you to sleep but after some few hours, it will act as a stimulant.

When you take alcohol some hours before bedtime, you will have several numbers of wakening up and finally, your sleep quality will be reduced. Try to avoid alcohol three hours before bedtime because it will disrupt your sleep later in the night.

Don’t ever be a nighttime clock-watcher

You can experience some frustrations when you go to your bed and struggle to fall asleep. Some people like staring at their clock when they don’t fall asleep. When you wake between your night’s sleep, don’t ever try to stare at your clock because this can increase stress. To avoid this, try to turn the face of your clock away from you.

Don’t drink liquids before bed

Excessive urination during the night is also known as Nocturia and it can affect your sleep quality, as well as, daytime energy. Don’t drink a lot of liquids during bedtime because you can experience the same problem. Reduce your liquid intake in the evening to enable you to stay hydrated. Understand that the firmness or construction of your mattress can have profound effects. We encourage all our readers to look at a dreamcloud sleep coupon for the highest and most researched mattress out there.

Don’t take any liquid one to two hours before going to bed. Also before heading to your bedroom, use the bathroom to enable you to reduce urination during night time.

Get a comfortable pillow, mattress, and bed

You may have wondered why you always enjoy your sleep in the hotel. The thing is that in the hotel, there’s a relaxing environment and a better bed quality. When you use a new mattress for only 28 days, it will reduce back pain by 57%, sleep quality by 60% and back stiffness by 59%.

When you get new bedding, it will enhance your sleep and keep in mind that poor-quality bedding can increase lower-back pain. It is good to upgrade your bedding at least after every five to eight years.

If you want to have a restful night, then you can ensure that your mattress is comfortable, as well as, supportive. Most good quality mattresses will exceed their life expectancy for about nine or ten years. Make your bedroom attractive but free of allergens which can affect you.

Sleep and wake at consistent times

Human body aligns itself with sunrise, as well as, sunset. Therefore, it will be a wise idea to have sleep and wake time to be consistent because it will aid in improving your sleep quality in the long-term. Irregular sleeping patterns let’s say going to bed late on the weekends means that you’re going to have poor sleep.

Irregular sleep patterns will affect your circadian rhythm, as well as, level of melatonin that signals your brain to sleep. If you’re that person who’s struggling with sleep, then the best remedy for you is to get in the habit of consistent bed in and bed out at a similar time every day and night. When you do these things, after several weeks, you’ll realize that you no longer need an alarm. You can also try to wake-up naturally every day at a similar time, and your sleep quality will be improved.

Rule out a sleep disorder

Anything that is underlying your health condition can cause sleeping problems. One of the common issues is sleep apnea, and it is caused by interrupted breathing. This disorder makes someone stop breathing repeated while asleep.

Some studies have found out that 9 percent women and 24 percent of men had sleep apnea. Another issue that can affect your sleep quality is circadian rhythm sleep/wake disorders and sleeps movement disorder, and the disorder is more common in shift workers.

You can speak to your doctor about these problems if you’ve always struggled with it.

Limit daytime naps

Short power naps are beneficial but irregular or long napping during the day will negatively affect the quality of your sleep. Don’t sleep in the daytime because it will confuse your body’s clock and this means that you’ll struggle to sleep at night. You will realize that you’ll be sleepy during the day but during night’s sleep, you will experience less sleep after taking day’s nap.

You can enjoy short naps let’s say for 30 minutes and this will enhance your daytime brain function. But try to avoid longer naps since they’ll negatively affect your health, as well as, sleep quality. Some people can take regular daytime naps and still experience a better night’s sleep. Then this means that for them, daytime naps are not an issue, but remember that this will depend on an individual.

The effect of daytime naps will not affect everybody. If you’re experiencing some trouble sleeping at night, then you should stop or shorten your daytime’s naps.

Take a relaxing shower or bath

One of the best popular ways of having a better sleep quality is having a relaxing shower or bath. Some studies have found out that having a relaxing bath or shower can improve sleep quality hence better sleep quality. This is even the best thing to do especially for elderly people.

If you want to prove this, then try to have a hot bath for like 90 minutes before bedtime and you will get the best amount of deep sleep. One thing that you’ll love is that even when you don’t want to have a full body bath, you can bath your feet using hot water and it will still improve your sleep. Improve your sleep quality by taking a foot bath, shower or a warm bath.